TMD Mibo

Tmd – Mibo has been founded on 2004.

Privately held company since 2004 – after finished acquisition UNIS TMD

  • Bearing production moved from CIMOS TMD Ai to TMD MIBO
  • 2005 TMD  Mibo received Status B supplier degree (POT_M360_TMD_050810)
  • Implemented ISO 9001:2008 quality standard  – Cert no. 04 100 051250 2006 Started hubwheel project,
  • Middle ring (ZVR) production started,
  •  Recieved supplyer CLASS A  degree for  Schaeffler Group,
  •  DH project started (otkivci iz naše kovačnice)
  •  Global financial crisis caused decreasing number of emloyees from  174 to 77,
  •  KERO project started,
  •  Production stabilisation, employee growth and development, new buyers  SKF, ICSA SNR, train bearings project (Schaeffler group) started