Inside group, we have technology for forging and machine processing.

Our manufacturing process consist from modern forging equipment, universal production and other machines for mechanical processing of elements, high-productive machinery for process of thermal processing.                                             Group is in every moment ready to react to customers demands and offer following services:

  • Production of blanks up to 35 kg weight for elements for process and automobile industry.
  • Turning with classic equipment OD 900 mm and OD up to 2000 mm
  • turning on CNC machines up to OD 450 mm and OD up to 1000 mm
  • Drilling , max weight of product up to 250 kg,
  • Sawing up to OD 320
  • Milling up to 2000x400x300 mm
  • Pressing 1300 tons and max bat stroke up to  400 mm
  • Anealing capacity 60 tons/day

Inside group we specialized for manufacturing on computer numerical control machines (CNC).

The major part in production is related to manufacturing of bearings as co operant for group Shaffer. Fast growing of taking a part in production is also in section for manufacturing truck axle unit. Our equipment of brand manufactures (EMAG; MAZAK; INDEX; TRAUB; MAHO) gives us a chance to always react to customers demands. In section for forging we ensured such conditions, so we can produce forged steel parts up to 25 kg weight, and with roling press BANIN which has informatics support of Siemens, we can flat bearings up to fi 500 mm.




Key technologies

  • Hot forging in closed die
    Hot forging with rolling mill
    Cold forging

Forging section has following equipment:

  • AEG Elotherm 460 KW
  • AEG Elotherm 400 KW
  • AEG Elotherm 150 KW
  • ACES CC 315 RE
  • ELIN 400 KW
  • ELIN 200 KW
  • ELIN 50 KW
  • Eling 300 kW ….4pcs

Forgging equipment:

  • Forming press National Maxi Press 1300 t
  • Linder Press 250 t
  • Press Ravne Kes 400 t
  • Press Jelsingrad 250 t
  • Press LUD 500t  KOV1
  • Press LUD 500t  KOV2
  • Press 200t HP200 SMG
  • Two rolling presses WAGNER 400
  • BEM press 630
  • Press LL1100
  • Forging drop hammer MPM 3150

Turning horizontal and vertical                                                                         Sawing (band and circular)
Machinig centers (milling, drilling and tapping)
Gear shaping
Grinding (face and out side diameter)


Totally 7 sawing machines are installed:

2 Kaltenbach circular sawing machines
5 Kasto band saw machines
One CNC machine with bar puller
Two presses for bar shearing
Two hot bar shearing device on line 6 and 7
One hot bar shearing device is in preparation for diameter 140 mm

Our members are ready to offer services of tool room, as well as section for cool flatting metal sheets thickness up to 1,5 mm.

Heat process

Anealing furnecess
Hardening furnecess
Inductive hardening                                                                                                          Tool shops = supporting process and maintenance