TMD Group is association of car parts manufacturers from the area of Gradačac and Brčko District which continues tradition of making car parts for brand manufacturers, that lasts more than fifty years. Today, TMD Group is a serious supplier to some of the most important systematical suppliers in auto industry. With help of forging and machine processing technology we are ready to response market demands.

With our orientation to customers satisfaction, with continuously improving technology and education of our employees, group fulfills continuous and stable growth in demanding manufacturing process of bearings and car industry parts. TMD Group is consisted of two production facilities: machining in TMD Mibo Brcko and forging in Kovgrad Gradačac.

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  • The main reason for establishing is a simpler approach to foreign buyers.
  • Our strategy is to take over jobs mainly through growth in international markets, mainly the EU market.
  • Our mission is to deliver quality products to our customers in accordance with their requirements.
  • Our goal is to be a supplier with the best performance, the first choice for our customers.




  • Property 100% private
  • Employees: 480
  • Production location 4 site
  • Covered area: 25.000 m**2
  • For new projects: 12.000 m**2

Our results in 2015



  • Total number of shipments: 445
  • Delivery performance: 98,5
  • Number of shiped parts: 6.361.004
  • Scrap at customer site: 31 PPM
  • Logistic claims: 1

Quality Certificates



TMD GROUP EN ISO 9001:2008

TMD MIBO EN ISO 9001 / ISO TS 16949

KOVGRAD EN ISO 9001 / ISO TS 16949

UTL EN ISO 9001:2008

TMD MIBO & KOVGRAD have planed implementation ISO 14001 by the end of 2016




Experience in organization of logistic customer support, care about customer repro material, responsibility in correctness of deliveries, quality tracking of freight forwarding is experience collected during the work in suppliers chain in car industry and it makes us better and more reliable supplier every day.

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TMD Group turnover


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